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32-keyless Trumpet Organ

7 Façade

This design is a cross between the Dutch street organ and the German fair organ. The internal layout is more like the German organ, with a small array of display pipes and inverted trumpets behind the façade, but the main melody sound is pure "Dutch". The organ's outline can be seen in the above drawing.

Anna began by carving the individual scrolls using lime-wood, mounting each piece onto a base board.

The façade's backing board was first rough-cut out to profile, then the individual carved shapes were screwed onto it.

The board was then cut to the required shape. Once finally fitted, the board was filed to match the carvings exactly, and the six panels were made and fitted.

Anna then tackled the painting. The panels were done first, so Anna could match the colour scheme of the carvings to the overall effect.

The top centre panel carries the organ's name and where it was built. It began while the organ-building business was in Pembroke Dock, and finished in Stony Stratford. The lower centre panel depicts Cape Town, where Anna was born.

The left main panel shows Pembroke Castle, located only a mile from our works. Above the castle is a Sunderland flying boat, depicting war-time when these monsters were stationed in the Cleddau river close by the location of our works. The right main panel shows the church of St Mary & St Giles, Stony Stratford, our local church, and the elaborate pub signs of the "Cock" and the "Bull", the origin of the saying "cock and bull story".

The small panels show the traditional Welsh dragon and the famous concrete cows of Milton Keynes, now located in our local museum.

This organ playing "Noel X, by Daquin"


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