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32-keyless Trumpet Organ

3 Distribution board

I originally designed this organ to be based on a bar main chest with a conventional relay at the back to direct keyframe signals to rows of push-rods operating pallets, just like larger organs. However, the prototype demonstrated that excessive wind usage would leave the organ breathless.

The distribution board idea is for the organ to incorporate the relay into the chest itself, resulting in an extended relay directly feeding wind to the pipes. The channels can be routed individually just where they are wanted.

I needed two layers of these routed channels, so the layers of pine were separated by a layer of thin ply, with the whole thing sandwiched between two more layers of ply. Not now a "chest", it became a distribution board as it directly distributed the pipe wind from the keyframe relay to the pipes.

The top picture here shows one of the ply layers being jig-sawn after the initial positioning holes were drilled.

Above: These two pictures show the completed distribution layers. At the bottom you can see the three straight rows of holes which correspond to the relay actions. At the left on each board are the beginnings of the main wind entry hole to take wind from the reservoir below to the relay chamber above. Left: This close-up of a cross-section of a piece of 6mm ply demonstrates exactly why I opted for pine for the main channelled boards. The boards were then glued together and channels flooded with a flexible water-based sealant.
Below left: The finished distribution board completed and checked for leaks. Below right: I have now fitted the back and sides of the relay chamber, with the wind entry on the left. The slot on the right is to allow for one of the feeder connecting rods, and the small holes on the far side are outlet feed to the pipes.
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